Time for a new year—and the new moves that will you in Mr. Right’s sights, and in his arms, too. Follow these, and 2014 will be the Year of the Hunk:

Resolution #1: Go out of your way to meet him.

The women who have lots of dates—and boyfriends—are those who aren’t afraid to put themselves in the midst of men. Your new mantra: “Be there, and they will swarm.”

Resolution #2: Be your best self.
No one wants to know all your fears, anxieties, issues, and hurts—at least, not in the first date. No one is asking you to be his “dream girl.” Be your own dream girl—your best self—and both of you will fall in love…with you.

Resolution #3: Don’t be afraid to get involved.

Most relationships fail because one partner or another backs off. If it’s him, the truth is you may be the right woman for him—but at the wrong time in his life. You’re living your life, so keep looking for the right man at the right time—now—for you.

However, if it’s you how’s not sure where things are going, ask yourself: are you doing so because you’re afraid he’s the wrong man for you? If so, it’s time to tally what works about the relationship, and what doesn’t. Now, look at the list of things he brings to the table and ask yourself: Have you been happier with anyone else? If the answer is no, you need to give as much as you’re getting from him. He’s a keeper! Don’t let him go.

Josie Brown is the Relationships Channel Editor at SingleMindedWomen.com. She is also the author of The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series.