Using Food to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

Posted by Laurie Handlers, MA on Oct 20th 2022

Using Food to Enhance Your Sexual Experience

It is possible to take lovemaking to higher levels by heightening your sensuality with food.You probably think food is already a sensuous experience so you’re wondering what more can you do.

In one of my advanced workshops I offer the Gate (pronounced Ga-tay) Dinner.Gate means “beyond” in Sanskrit and at this event, I invite people to go playfully and lovingly beyond their normal dinner rituals or holiday feasts.I invite you to do the same thing at home to spice things up and have an evening every so often that goes beyond just having a nice quiet intimate dinner at home.

First of all (foreplay) you can spend the early part of the day shopping together for the most sensuous foods possible. Some of my favorites are red wine or prosecco, mango slices, papaya slices, star fruit slices, frozen grapes, avocado slivers, salmon or chicken mouse on delicate crackers or cucumbers, butter parsley potatoes, asparagus vinaigrette, chocolate éclairs, whipped cream, or almost anything sprinkled with chocolate syrup.Pick just about anything you love that can be easily eaten off the body and has a great sensation to it including a wonderful taste.Plan enough food for at least seven courses.

Include in your purchases a bouquet red carnations and bottle of rose water.

Next you must prepare the space (also foreplay).You are embarking upon a Tantric ritual,

so the space in which you plan to eat this feast is just as important as the dinner itself. Arrange an area in your home where you can eat on the floor.Spread a lovely table cloth. Surround the area with beautiful candles and flowers. Spread comfortable pillows around so there are enough for you to change positions often and feel luxurious.Of course bring in linens like cloth napkins and maybe a few nice towels. Closing off the space from the rest of the house is a great idea too if possible. Plan your music and lighting appropriately; maybe only candlelight.

Before you begin the food, preparation, I suggest you both shower or bathe (still foreplay). Pamper yourselves yet refrain from colognes or aftershaves.Let your bodies be truly natural.Adorn yourselves in lovely robes or sarongs. In Tantra, sarongs are the most versatile clothing items we have.Both men and women wear them.They can be worn any number of ways by tying them differently and also can allow for full body exposure when desired.

Now for the food preparation (still foreplay).Make each course sensuous and unique including the presentation.Use your best dishes and glassware.I encourage you to have each plate be elegant with a nice size serving of food.This will give you the feeling of abundance and “having it all.” This feeling is greatly encouraged in Tantra.Be sure to prepare a lovely little bowl of rosewater with floating carnation petals for your first course.

Together bring all the prepared courses into the special dining space so neither of you has to leave to get anything.

To start place the rose water and flower petals bowl between you.One of you ask the other if you may offer a little rose water to cleanse the palate.Then hold the bowl up to your partner’s lips and let your partner slowly sip a bit of rosewater.Rose is the highest vibration flower so in essence you are each taking a small sip of a substance that raises your vibration to divinity.Following the rosewater sip, I suggest the most expressive one of you go first with the flower petals.Take a carnation petal and place it on the area of your partner that you want to acknowledge like the forehead.Say how much you honor her/him for sharp thinking or creativity. If you like take another one placing it on the heart or belly acknowledging her/him for their loving or power. And so on.Please remember to place a petal on their sex center to indicate wonderful lovemaking!You can continue to do this throughout the dinner when you have a feeling about something you want to honor your partner for.

The next course is wine and I encourage you to stay short of intoxication.Less is better here because you really want to savor every moment of this feast.Go slowly and let yourself taste the wine on your palate from one course to the next.

Now I usually start the food courses with desert.I like to do this rather than save it for last.It gives me the feeling of being able to eat anything and in the way I want it rather than “the way it’s supposed to be.” For beginning the actual dinner you or your partner can become the table taking turns on eating the sensuous deserts, fruits, vegetables and meats off of each other’s bodies.There’s a choice here.One of you could eat the entire meal off the other’s body and then switch or you can take turns throughout.Either way, make it slow and languish every sensation from your head to your toes and from the taste and smell of everything you have lovingly prepared.

The Gate Dinners I have hosted take no less than three hours.People forget themselves for the evening and have a completely sensual experience.Sometimes this serves as a precursor to full on love making and sometimes it is enough in and of itself.I have no preference.I want you to plan such a dinner and execute it with all the richness you can muster.This dinner promises to give you lots of pleasure in the moment, great memories, and possibly it will transform the way you and your lover have meals.Yum yum