Six Things You Must Know Before Sexting

Posted by Josie Brown on Dec 7th 2022

Six Things You Must Know Before Sexting

Here's how to say all the right things to get him off his cell -- and at your side.

1: It’s not what you sext, but whom you’re sexting.

Is he of legal age? Is he some player who’ll be showing every buddy he wants to impressyour dirty little ditties? Is this a guy who wants to receive your sexts? If you’re not sure of any of this, then follow this rule of thumb: don’t text him, until you know him better.

2: Keep it naughty, not dirty.

Firting is fine. Suggestive declarations are a turn-on, too. But no need to be gross or lewd. As with any seduction, its best to leave something to his imagination.

3: Remember: a picture is worth a thousand embarrassments.

Sure, men enjoy visual stimulation. If you’re up for showing a little nip (or something lower and more revealing), a word of caution: whatever you send may be seen by strangers, too. For example, the receiver may forward it to someone else, without your knowledge. Or, should either of your cell phones be stolen the photo could surface in places you’d rather it didn’t. And yes, a cell phone’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be hacked. Rule of thumb: suggestive is okay, but homemade porn is not.

4: Learn the lingo.

Avid sexters have come up with a few shortcuts to make their feelings known – and yours, too. For example, there are informational acronyms such as MOOS (Member Of The Opposite Sex) and MOSS (Member(s) Of The Same Sex), as well as cute acronymns such as K4Y (Kiss For You), S2R (Send To Receive), IAYM (I Am your Master), NALOPKT (Not A Lot Of People Know That) andLMIRL (Let's Meet In Real Life). Let’s not forget those hot acronyms, like TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me), WIN (Want It Now), IWSN (I Want Sex Now), and last but never least, GYPO (Get Your Pants Off).

5: Create your own language of love.Even better, come up with a few code words (say, “” or “In the Mood 4 U”) or customized acronyms ( like LPD for “let’s play doctor”, or “LOL2Nite” for “lots of luvin’ tonight”) to show how much you mean to each other. To paraphrase Shakespeare, an innuendo by any other name is just as sweet.

6: Think it through before you hit “Send”.

Have some discretion on whom you text, and what you text. This is the one time in which it doesn’t pay to be impulsive. In other words, when in doubt, don’t.