How to Keep Passion Alive in a Long Term Relationship

Posted by Barbara Stanwyk on Sep 8th 2023

How to Keep Passion Alive in a Long Term Relationship

How to Keep Passion Alive in a Long Term Relationship

How to Keep Passion Alive in a Long Term Relationship (Without Buying a New Wardrobe)

The Novelty Conundrum

Ever been told the key to a spicy relationship is trying that new, um, whatchamacallit from the adult store? Or perhaps attempting the tango in a place where you're more likely to get a parking ticket than a moment of passion? Well, honey, if keeping things fresh was all about novelty, my relationship with my couch would've ended years ago. But here we are, still going strong!

When New Shoes Aren't The Answer

Our society's like that friend who insists the key to happiness is a new pair of shoes every week. (I mean, shoes are great, but have you tried pizza?) We're told to keep things zesty by always trying new things. But let's be real: if the key to lasting passion was novelty, we'd all be dating magicians. "Now you see the spark, now you don't!"

The "Other Person" Mirage

And let's not even talk about the "ultimate novelty" of finding a new partner. Because, spoiler alert: they snore too.

Intimacy: More Than Just Fireworks

Look, physical pleasure's great. It's the cherry on top, the frosting on the cake, get the point. But if that was all there was to intimacy, we'd all be in relationships with our vibrators. (No offense to my little buzzing friend.)

2 AM Conversations & Cheesy Music

True intimacy is like that deep conversation you have at 2 AM, where you discover your shared love for cheesy 90s music and conspiracy theories about why socks always disappear in the laundry.

The Big 'O' Obsession

Now, I'm all for a good... climax. But if that's the only song on your playlist, you're missing out on some great tunes. Like the slow jam of cuddling or the pop hit of laughing together.

Cereal & Life Lessons

Making the big 'O' the star of the show is like eating only the marshmallows from your cereal. Sure, it's fun, but you're missing out on the fiber! (And trust me, you need the fiber.)

Seeking The Real Magic

Why do we even want to get frisky? If it was just about fun, we'd all be content with Netflix and a good pillow fort. But deep down, we're all looking for that connection, that "you get me" feeling. It's like finding someone who understands your obsession with collecting spoons or knows why you can't eat green M&Ms. That's the real magic.

Conclusion: Finding The Lost Socks of Passion

In the end, keeping the passion alive isn't about the grand gestures or the wild adventures (though, a surprise trip to Paris never hurt anyone). It's about finding the humor, the connection, and the joy in the everyday moments. And maybe, just maybe, figuring out where all those socks go.

Parting Wisdom

Remember, it's the little things that count. Like laughing at each other's bad jokes or dancing in the kitchen. So, next time you're looking to reignite that spark, maybe skip the novelty store and just put on your favorite cheesy song. Dance like no one's watching, and love like every day's a new adventure.