Come on guys, I bet you would love to see your woman masturbate for you. Especially if you could watch her, without her knowing you were there. That would let you watch her do all those things that please her the most.

Any man I’ve talked to readily admitted that he would be totally turned on, watching his woman masturbating. Most also admitted they would have a really tough time not jumping in to help and that they would love to move in and give her oral sex to put her over the edge.

So we know you want her to masturbate, and you want her to masturbate in front of you. How do you get her to do it? Some women are cool with talking about masturbation, but other women aren’t comfortable getting themselves off and especially while someone watches. Whether she enjoys self-love or has never tried it before, watching her get off by herself is something that can entice both of you and make your sex life hotter. Here are some tips to help you convince her to masturbate – and more importantly, to do it in front of you!

Communicate With Her

There are some women who enjoy watching a man masturbate and especially when he wants to perform for her. But other women may find it hard to believe that you want to watch her. She may think it’s a crazy idea, so getting her to believe that the idea of watching her masturbate is a huge turn on can be difficult.

Next time you’re spending some intimate time together, tell her what you’d like to see. While you’re massaging her clitoris, tell her know how much it would turn you on to see her touch it. Start small and work your way up to the big stuff. She may only start out with letting you watch her play with herself a little. Maybe she could be more comfortable letting you watch her massage her breasts first – but work with her and let her know you appreciate everything she is willing to share with you.

On the other hand – she may be very turned on to find out you want to watch her. It is also a great way to learn exactly what she likes and what gets her off.

Tantalizing Talk

When she is willing to touch herself in any way – let her know you appreciate it and encourage her. Don’t nag her, but encourage her to do more. As she experiments with the 9055 212x300 Encourage Your Woman to Masturbate For Youidea of letting you watch, don’t hesitate to let her see that you are excited and turned on. It is very hot for a woman to know that she is turning you on.

If you’re touching yourself while you watch her, let her know you’re excited and how good it feels. Let her share your excitement. Be specific about what she’s doing that you enjoy – you should know your partner good enough to know how to talk to her, to turn her on. If not – start subtly and take your time using more spicy talk.

You need to make sure she understands that you’re very turned on because she is letting you watch her masturbate. You can ask her what she enjoy, have her explain what she likes and how she likes it. Or, you can ask for permission to tell her what you’d like to see her do. With a little practice, this can be very hot for both of you. Most important, make sure you both have fun. If she isn’t comfortable letting you watch, don’t push her. You can always try again later, but if you push it till she gets mad, it is unlikely she will agree to try it again.

Involve Her in Foreplay

You can include her while you’re giving her oral sex or fingering her. Reach for her hand and bring it to you. Then as you touch her, move her hand along with yours. You can start by brushing her cheek, tracing a finger under her chin, run a finger down her arm and move to cup her breast or tease her nipple. Move lower and run both hands over her stomach and slide her hand between her legs.

If you sense hesitation from her, move slower or focus on other parts of the body before moving between her legs. Go at a pace that she can handle. Again, if you rush her, it can discourage her. Maintain eye contact with her and let her look into your eyes. Let her see how hot it makes you. If she’s reacting well, you may move your body so she can feel how excited you are. Once she is comfortable touching herself, you can use your hand or both hands to touch other parts of her body. When she’s really comfortable, you can stroke yourself and position yourself so she can watch you.

Masturbate With Her

It is not a problem if you get turned on watching her and need to touch yourself. When she’s getting into having you watch, knowing she’s turning you on that much will likely encourage her to do more for you. Find a comfortable place where you can sit or lay and let her watch you, while you watch her.If you prefer to be close while you each masturbate, lie close to each other.

At some point, you can ask her what she would like to see you do and what would turn her on even more. But always tell her honestly what you enjoy about watching her and how much it turns you on.

If you’re still having a hard time getting her to masturbate for you, touch yourself while you give her oral sex. Tell her how sexy you find her vagina. Let her know you enjoy licking, sucking and tasting her. When she believes you, it is likely she won’t be so self-conscious about showing your everything.

If there are times when one of you wants sex and the other doesn’t, lie close and hold the partner who is masturbating, is a great way to show your support for your partner and helps maintain the intimacy, even if you aren’t having sex with each other at that time. You may find that your woman won’t mind you holding her, but isn’t comfortable with you watching her at the moment. Show her that she can trust you and share her masturbation time with you – even before she lets you watch. That could be a good step toward helping her be more comfortable with you watching her in the future.