Best Positions for Female Orgasm

Posted by Dr. Ava Cadell on Apr 17th 2023

Best Positions for Female Orgasm

"My girlfriend and I were talking about sex the other day and she mentioned that she’s never been able to reach orgasm through good old-fashioned intercourse. She definitely climbs that peak through masturbation or cunnilingus every time, but just hasn’t experienced the over-the-edge feeling with a man inside her. Upon further research among people I know, I discovered this is true of a lot of women." - Bobby Nye

No one ever said an orgasm through penetration was necessary – and women who’ve had both often report more intense orgasms without the internal appendage, but there is a certain something about internal stimulation that you can put a finger on. In fact, it has a name – the G spot (See: G-spot Vibrators).

While once widely perceived as a mythical zone only read about in fairy tales, we now know exactly where it is and what it does. So while you may be happy with all the other clitoral types of orgasms you’ve had, when you add the stimulation of the G-spot, there’s a special intensity that will bring you back for more.

Sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell Defines the G-spot:

“The G-spot area is located inside the woman’s vagina, about a third of the way in-between the vaginal opening and the cervix. It’s somewhere between 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall so imagine a small clock inside the vagina and you’ll find the G-spot between 11 and 1 o'clock (with 12:00 pointing towards the navel).

It has a ridged texture to it and responds to gentle stroking.

Some women claim that stimulation of the G-spot can produce a longer, deeper, more powerful orgasm than a clitoral orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is felt like a release of tension in the genitals while the G-spot orgasm is felt throughout the body with more physical and emotional release. The G-spot also requires slower stimulation than the clitoris.”

Keeping this biological description in mind, here are a few positions to try with your partner in order to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris to bring on powerful orgasms. Keep in mind you can use sex toys instead of intercourse. Or ask your partner to use the sex toys….the combinations are delicious.

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Girl on Top

This position has lots of advantages for bringing on female orgasm. First of all, a woman can relax when she’s sitting, not contorting her legs all over the place. Secondly, she’s got control of the level of penetration for the most part, which she can adjust while riding. Third, her clitoris is exposed and available for stimulation by herself, her partner’s thumb or fingers, or by grinding into her partner’s pubic bone. The combination of penetration rubbing on the G-spot mixed with clitoral stimulation should send her over the top. A pillow under his butt can sometimes angle the penis in a more intense direction.

Missionary Meltdown

Don’t scoff at the old-fashioned missionary position! It’s the workhorse standby for intercourse orgasm. While thrusting deeply inside, the man can grind his pubic bone against the clitoris – simple and ingenious! Make sure you both start off slow and steady at first until she gets into a rhythm and speed that starts to build momentum. Be careful not to disconnect too far while thrusting, or the sweet rhythm could be rudely interrupted, and sometimes it’s difficult to get back to where you were. If this happens, remember it’s important to relax and breathe deeply, give loving caresses and remember why you were so turned on in the first place. Again, a pillow can do wonders here. This time place it under her butt for better access.

A variation of the missionary position is for her to slide to the end of the bed and have him stand, thrusting in at waist level. This way her clitoris is exposed for stimulation. It’s also easier to maintain smoldering eye contact this way!

Dig the Doggy

Surprisingly, doggy style can be a great orgasm helper. Whether she’s lying down to grind her clitoris against the bed, or on all fours using manual stimulation to the clitoris from underneath, penetration from behind is always intense and extremely erotic. There’s something about the animal mounting position that is a natural turn-on. Just make sure that you’re both relaxed and not thinking about how you look, or maintaining theatrics. Just focus on the pleasure. Deep breathing is helpful, and aids in a deeper orgasm.

If you're looking for a little external stimulation while going for the doggy-style orgasm, try Evolved's Perfect Fit Cockring. The generous vibe can be positioned in a variety of ways to bring pleasure in whatever angle gets you there. 

Underneath Sideways

For this position, she lies down on her back with him behind her, almost like spooning. Then she drapes one leg over his and he penetrates her from behind and ‘sideways’. Make sense? Once you’re both comfortable, this can be a great G-spot stimulator and results in very deep penetration if desired, because of the way her body is positioned. And of course, all hands are free for manual stimulation of the exposed clitoris.

Relax & Enjoy!

Sex can be quite a multi-tasking event. You’re kissing here, stroking there, moving your bodies around to get comfortable together. You may be talking dirty, or not talking at all, in which case your mind may be racing – there’s a lot to be thinking about all at the same time. It’s no wonder many women just can’t relax and focus long enough on their own pleasure.

But if you take the time to build yourself up for lovemaking with music, candles, incense, and lots of foreplay, you should be able to transition into these intercourse orgasm positions without too much second-guessing!