This extreme ‘barely there’ look is surprisingly comfortable and super erotic. With a stretchy white lace and mesh front, the straps of the thong panty rise up and over the back of the neck to create a halter that just hints at structure at the side of the breast while leaving the back completely bare. Garter straps extend down to attach to any thigh-high stockings.  

  • White lace thong panty with garters and neck strap 
  • Stretchy white lace at front of panties 
  • Cheek-peeking thong at back  
  • Garter straps extend from panty hip 
  • Garter straps attach to any thigh-high stockings 
  • Uni-body strap extends from waist band up & over neck 
  • Imported polyester/elastane 
  • Adjustable straps  
  • One size fits most 
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