About Us

EvolvedWorld.com's curated collection intimate goods is comprised of the most luxurious, innovative and top of the line products from manufacturers of Evolved Novelties, Zero Tolerance Toys, and Barely Bare Lingerie and made available to you in one site.

There is a reason these products are distributed to more than 25,000 retail stores worldwide with markets encompassing North America, South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Far East, Australia and more.  Our mission is to provide groundbreaking, innovative sexual health products to improve the  romantic lives of women and men alike - the discerning sexual health and wellness consumer is our best customer.

We are the manufacturers of exceptionally high quality, truly unique products for men and women and have been doing this since 2006.  Shop our site and experience our award-winning designs and technology that is sure to leave you satisfied for years to come.

Welcome to Evolved World...enjoy your play time with us!