Mapping Your Erogenous Zones

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Erogenous zones by Miko Technogeisha 138048059

Erogenous zones are sensitive areas of the body that when touched in different ways are extremely arousing. They encompass much more than just the obvious genitalia regions. Your skin has a multitude of nerve endings making your entire body a land of opportunity. There are well-known areas, but also ones that are more subtle in sensitivity. Each of us has our favorite locations, some more well traveled than others. Let’s take a look at all the locales, from toes to nose. You have so many to explore.

The Lower Realms

You may think your feet aren’t the sexiest part of you body but they can be. For some it’s especially titillating. It’s said that certain spots on the feet are linked to the genitals, like the heel and toes, so you may stimulate those sexy areas during massage. A foot massage might also be a health benefit as parts of the foot may be linked to organs too. While there’s no proof that reflexology actually works we do know a sensuous massage feels great. Try running a light touch along the sole, not too much unless tickling is their thing. Some people find licking or sucking toes a tremendous turn on.

Your legs have some sensitive areas too. The backs of your knees tend to be a ticklish spot, and sexy too. The thinner skin makes nerve endings more sensitive so they are ready for touches, kisses and licks. Just like the soles of your feet, you might try tender touches, soft kisses or even some licking or teasing with your tongue. This ticklish feeling of anticipation can actually help to stimulate orgasm. You can also try touching the back of the calf and thigh. Some people are very sensitive in those areas. The thighs are a great sexy zone too. Massaging the inner thighs can send signals to the genitals that can stimulate arousal and set the stage for orgasm.

The Upper Meridians

Let’s assume you already know what to do with your genitals. It’s the surrounding area that should not be forgotten. Pressure and touch just above the genital area up into the navel can heighten stimulation. Soft swirls around and inside the highly sensitive navel can feel really good and can really heat things up. The navel and the genitals have common tissue origin in the womb. This connection can continue after birth, so a touch in the navel can sometimes be felt in the genitals.

The nipples are as well known an erogenous zone as the genitals, both for women and men. Sometime men’s nipples get neglected when we forget they are just as sensitive as women’s. Touching, pinching, licking and sucking are very stimulating and can help to bring on orgasm as readily for men as it can for women. Just like women, though, every man’s sensitivity is different. For both genders, don’t forget the area around the areola, massaging or light touches there can feel fantastic. Also try the crease under the breast. You might find a nice tender spot there.

The Midlands

The back has most of its sensitive nerve endings along the spine. Massaging the larger muscle groups around the shoulder blades is nice to relax but tantalizing touches along the spine will send sexy shivers to all the right places. Soft kisses or a gentle touch along the spine is made extra sexy because you can’t see what the giver is doing to you. Start at the base of the neck and work your way down, or vice versa. The strongest erogenous zone on your back is the area around the tailbone. Don’t forget the buttocks, especially the anus which has lots of nerve endings that are highly responsive.

Like the legs, your arms have areas of thinner skin too, that are ripe for stimulation. The inner bend of the arm at the elbow is responsive, and ticklish, just like the backs of the knees. The thin sensitive skin at the wrist is very similar when it comes to touches, kisses, and licks. The palm is one of those ticklish areas where light touches can excite. Your fingers and thumbs can be touched, massaged, licked, and even sucked with pleasurable results.

The Northern Hemisphere

The collarbone area is sensitive too, especially the clavicle area in the center. While not as sensitive as some other erogenous zones it can be the perfect spot for someone. The base of the neck seems to be more sensitive, as anyone who has been kissed there can well attest. Nibbling the soft skin of the neck up to the jaw is very hot as are kisses and touches along the base of the neck.

The ears are notoriously erotic. Many people love to get touched, kissed and licked there. The lobes can be massaged, gently sucked on or even softly bitten to start fireworks. Spend some time with the rest of the ear too. There are those that wouldn’t mind a little tongue action in the ear. There are few things sexier than soft hot breath in your ear.

Your lips and mouth have so many nerve endings, it’s a well-known erogenous zone. Most of us are highly aroused by kisses, which comes from stimulating the nerves in the lips and tongue. Try putting some attention just on the lips with soft finger caresses, licks or even a gentle bite. The tongue is already a conduit of sexual connectivity because we’ve used it to explore these erogenous zones. A little tongue on tongue is very hot, so French kiss away.

Here Be Dragons

Some areas of our map that have yet be explored may include the armpit. Yes, I’m not kidding, the armpit. Touching or licking the armpit sends titillating signals down to the genitals just like other erogenous zones. You may be hesitant if it’s an area you’re thinking of as sweaty but the pheromones in that sweat are thought (though not scientifically proven) to be highly arousing to the person inhaling it. So you will not only be stimulating nerve ending and sending signals to the receiver that turns them on, it could turn you on too.

I was surprised to see eyelids and the scalp come up many times in my research. The eyelids have thin skin making it yet another nerve ending opportunity. An added element to this is the person has to close their eyes in order for you to administer touches and kisses. This can add the anticipation excitement to the zone. The scalp also surprised me but it came up in research just as often. The scalp is another nerve ending playground so don’t skip this part of the zone map. A scalp massage, running fingers through hair or even hair pulling have an effect that can be highly arousing. All those nerve endings might explain why hair pulling can be sexually stimulating. It may not be the pain but activation of all those nerve endings.

So Much To See And Do

Erogenous zones seem less about specific locations but rather a large global map of desirable places to check out. Each person’s map is slightly different. Some routes may be the same while others may need different path. Don’t be afraid to try them all, go to those corners of the globe you haven’t been to before. Untold treasures might be found there.