Interview with AS Fenichel: Author of Joshua’s Mistake

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For an excerpt of Joshua’s Mistake by A.S. Fenichel, please click here.

You’re casting Joshua’s Mistake (and you have the budget !), who’s in it?

A.S. Fenichel:  I would cast Gerard Butler as Joshua and Charlize Theron as Tessa. I would cast Michael Fassbender as Kane, Joshua’s Brother.

Paranormal “reality” TV series? What would yours be?

A.S. Fenichel: LOL! I think this is an oxymoron. “Deadliest Spy”

Where does the inspiration come from? Real life? News stories? Steal from friends (my personal favourite)?

A.S. Fenichel: Ha! I hope I don’t steal from my friends. I’m sure they’d let me know if I did. I think the spark often comes from real life and then my imagination twists it and turns it into something that is uniquely mine.

Do you have someone off whom you bounce ideas? A behind-the-scenes writing partner? Critique group?

A.S. Fenichel: I have a critique partner and a beta reader, but they don’t see the books until I have completed the first draft. I do bounce ideas off of my husband now and then and he nods and grunts with either approval or disapproval. One of my closest friends is author, Karla Doyle. She is my sounding board for every project, before, during and after.

To date, six of your ten published books are erotic paranormal. What is the allure of erotic paranormal? Is it your favourite sub-genre?

A.S. Fenichel: I love paranormal romance. I’d say that is my favorite. A book being labeled erotic is subjective in my opinion. One more sex scene or language that is a bit more graphic can change a book from steamy to erotic. In the eyes of a BDSM reader, my books are pretty tame. Compared to my traditional Regency novellas, the paranormal “erotic” books are quite hot. It’s all a matter of opinion.

I love romance novels of all kinds regardless of the heat level. The publisher for the Psychic Mates series, Ellora’s Cave Publishing is predominantly an erotic book publisher, so my books with them are mostly erotic. Plus it’s a lot of fun to write steamy sex.

I also love historical romance, Regency to be specific. My next series will be Paranormal, Historical Romance and will be published by Lyrical Press an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.

How do you keep things straight, particularly in a paranormal world? Build the world first or story first and well, how does the creative process intertwine?

A.S. Fenichel: I have an idea about the world going in, but it usually changes as the first book develops. I keep a notebook full of facts and notions that might appear in later books. I refer back to this often. I also keep note cards for each character with any special abilities.

I always try to keep in mind that it’s the story that matters most of all. All the detail must be kept straight but it can also be added later. Once I create a character and they have certain psychic gifts or personality traits that make them unique, the story bends and twists naturally to include those details.

Any other sub-genres you are planning to explore?

A.S. Fenichel: As I said, I’m working on a Paranormal Historical series set in Regency England. I’m pretty excited about that. I already write contemporary erotic romance, traditional Regency romance and Paranormal erotic romance. For now, that’s enough. I’m not planning to write a mystery or anything like that, though you never know.

Anything from the editing room floor you’d like to share, from Joshua’s Mistake? Deleted Scenes, if you will.

A.S. Fenichel: I have to admit, it’s pretty rare for me to delete a scene. I plot out the books and I’m a very straightforward writer. By this, I mean to say, I don’t use a lot of flowery pros. In my writing, as in my life, I’m very straight forward. Some might even say, brutally honest, but what do they know. ;)

Most of the time, I have to add detail after the scene is written. I’m in such a hurry to get the story down that I don’t bother with what was happening on the periphery. So deleting is rare and adding happens in every scene.

Is there any of your books you’d like to live in? Favourite bits?

A.S. Fenichel: I wouldn’t mind being a mind reader like Tessa Clark from Joshua’s Mistake. She can also slow time for a moment or two. She is a fantastic driver at high speeds because she can sense the road before she reaches the next corner. She’s pretty fantastic.

What’s next?

A.S. Fenichel: I’ve just finished writing Training Rain, book three of the Psychic Mates series. I’m working on book four. I’m also editing Ascension, book one of the Demon Hunters series and writing book two.  Life is pretty hectic and awesome!

About the Author: A S Fenichel

AS_FenichelA.S. Fenichel gave up a successful career in New York City to follow her husband to Texas and pursue her lifelong dream of being a professional writer. She’s never looked back.

A.S. adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story.

Multi-published in both erotic and historical romance, A.S. has 5 books currently available and three more under contract with Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey, and now lives in the East Texas with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history, and puttering in her garden.

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