5 ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

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5 ways to improve mood instantly by rachel w -78375522

We’ve all had those times when we are just not OK with how our lives are going at exactly that moment. Maybe you’ve had another annoying call with your cell phone provider’s customer service hotline or perhaps you’re just having a bad hair day. But these moments can creep up, add up, and quickly ruin a perfectly good day if you let them. Don’t allow outside influences to push your spirits down. Whatever the temporary cause may be for your sudden bad feeling, here are five fast and easy ways to improve your mood instantly!

1. Take a short walk. One of the best ways to change your mood is to leave your current environment and get yourself some new surroundings. Whether you walk around the block and soak in the sunlight or just go down to your building’s lobby to hit the vending machine for a soda, it really doesn’t matter. Grab a coworker if you want some company or go solo to clear your head.

2. Make a cup of tea. Keep a stash of delicious, maybe-they-were-a-kind-of-a-splurge tea bags in your desk and only bust them out in moments like these. Not only will taking deep breaths as you inhale the delicious scent help you calm down, but walking to get hot water will count as your walk. If you don’t have any tea on hand, hit the nearest coffee shop and ask the barista for the bag of tea that is best for soothing frazzled nerves.

3. Surf the web. Bookmark a few pages in a “bad day” folder to click on whenever you need to LOL. A collection of funny online videos and adorable kitty photos (we love gruntle.me!) are perfect for turning to when your day takes a turn for the worse.

4. Look at baby pictures of yourself or your loved ones. Looking at adorable babies is always a pick-me-up, but looking at yourself in all your innocent, squishy-cheeked glory takes it to the next level. Look at how cute and happy you were and let that girl shine through again!

5. Sing, dance, or do both at once. It’s amazing how one song can transform your mood, so hit YouTube, iTunes, or Pandora to find your favorite “can’t-help-but-belt-it-at-the-top-of-my-lungs” song from Glee (or AC/DC!). More of a mover and a shaker? Crank it up and don’t stop moving the entire song, even if you look and feel ridiculous. By the time you’re done, your mood should have definitely gone up a few notches.