A Guide To Sexy Apps!

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Guide To Sexy Apps by Miko Technogeisha 119178300

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives in significant ways. An Internet connection plus a powerful little processor offers us many ways to be more connected for work and play. There are apps for just about anything we need, and don’t need, so why not use your phone to help your sex life. Here is a breakdown of the many app options to add some sizzle to your cell. Whether you’re looking for something new to try or looking to add some spice to a stale relationship; you will find games, advice, sex positions, even dating and hook-ups, are all at your fingertips.

Sex Advice

You can find sex tips and advice on a variety of apps. I found a few of them that were geared towards men like the straightforward titled Sex Tips for Men, Girlfriend Keeper, and Sex Mistakes Men Must Avoid. The Sex Secrets app is geared towards helping men by breaking down sex into different segments (anticipation, foreplay, sex, other ideas) as a wingman of sorts to guys needing some advice. The Best Sex Tips and Sex-Facts apps all seem to be rather similar with pages of sex stats and facts. There are also sex education apps like SexPositive and Sex Education Part 1 and Part 2. All around guides for any gender like A Sex Guide, Adult Sex Life (with group sex positions), Foreplay Techniques and 1000 Sex Tips and Tricks can give you a bit of advice, positions to try and often a way to keep track of things like your relationship or the progress of your experiences.

Sex Positions and More

Having trouble coming up with new and different sex positions? Think you’ve tried it all and wonder if there could be something you might have missed? Sex position apps will give you many varieties to choose from. The iKamasutra app takes the classic book of tantric positions and puts it in an easy to access app. You can find many variations of Kama Sutra and Tantric based apps out there. Apps like Sex Position Playbook, Sex Position, and Sex Life give you hundreds of suggestions with illustrations to guide you along. Not looking for new positions but inspiration for new places to have sex? Try apps like 69 Places or Sex Places if you’re looking for new locations to have sex you may not have tried before. The app Kindu can give you role-play ideas and provide a way to share those ideas with your partner. If you’re looking for a more sapiosexual way to get things going try an erotica app like Literotica Sex Stories or Erotica.

Relationships; Looking, New and Established

You can find apps that can help improve your relationship while making it sexier and find apps that leave the relationship right out of the sexy. Apps like Blendr, Tinder, and Down (Formerly Bang with Friends) all give you different ways to hook-up or connect with other people. Swoon and Duet are apps geared toward revealing crushes in a way that takes the pressure off the person crushing. There are online dating sites with apps like Zoosk, Badoo and OkCupid that allow you to explore online dating on the go. Already have a relationship but want an app to help maintain it? Try apps like Couple, Avocado, and Kahnoodle. They provide everything from relationship advice, sex advice or ways to send love notes and virtual kisses to each other privately. Use Sexcalculator and Calendar app if you want to keep track of your sexual adventures. It will even add everything up for you and give you a sex status. Want to keep track of your safer sex status? Hula will help you find testing locations and share verified results with a prospective partner. MedXCom is a basic health app that you can also use to keep track of your status. Also check out helpful apps like Safe Sex Tips or if you’re in dire need of a condom try iCondom, it can help you to find the closest condom supplier.

Virtual Sex Toys

There are some interesting ways to use your phone to improve your sex life. Sex Drive is supposed to boost your sex drive by using binaural beats. Binaural beats (or tones) are sounds that the brain produces when two different tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately, one to each ear, using stereo headphones. The app suggests that the brain will respond the stimuli to synch with it then activate brain waves turning you on more thus increasing your sex drive. There isn’t concrete evidence that it works but you can try a free binaural beat app to try it out if you’re skeptical. Other ways to use your phone for sexy times are apps that convert your phone to a vibrator. Sexy Vibes turns your phone into a remote control vibrator and includes a chat room and speed dating service. Sexy Vibes will also work remotely to control an OhMiBod vibrator, OhMiBod also has it’s own remote app for their vibrators. You can change tempo, speed, wave and rhythm. Even use your voice to create custom patterns. Vibease works the same way as OhMiBod by pairing a wearable vibrator and a remote activation app.

Hot Games

Games may be the most used apps on people’s smartphones. You can add some tantalizing apps to your phone giving you many different ways to connect, titillate or advance the play action. Games like Couples Foreplay, Play With Me, SexLife and Bliss apps can be hot sexy fun. IRL games like dice, truth or dare, and casino style games can be found in app form. There are many dice game apps like Spice Dice 3D, Sex Dice 3D, Sex Dice Evolved, or Kinky Dice. You can find several truth or dare apps like Dirty Game: Truth or Dare or Truth or Dare for Couples. Casino themed games to check out are apps like Sex Game Roulette and Adult Sex Game Roulette. I found the app Wheel of Foreplay had me thinking of the TV show’s opening (Wheel! Of! Foreplay!) but it also looked like a fun app to play.

There’s An App For That

Just about everything you’re looking for sexually probably has an app for that. Sometimes the search can be daunting because just about everyone can design their own app nowadays (Yes, even you!) making the choices seem endless. There are also apps geared towards youth sex education, fertility, BDSM, LGBTQIA, and others. Many sexuality and relationship podcasts are putting out apps like Sex With Emily, Polyamory Weekly, Life on the Swingset, and Savage Love with Dan Savage. Please research on your own to make sure you’re getting the right app for you. iTunes and Google Play stores will show you screen shots and reviews; you’ll find some opinionated reviews on various websites. Some of these apps are free but many are in the .99 to 2.99 range. Some apps have a free “lite” version that is limited but still useful and a pay version with all the bells and whistles. Keep in mind that apps are not always cross platform so what may be available for Android may not be available for iPhone. With a little bit of research and a quick download you can put some sexy sizzle in the palm of your hand.