Create Luck In Your Life!

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Are YOU Feeling LUCKY?!

“Life is what you make it … not what you hope it will be.” – Brad Sugars

With St. Patrick’s Day and the Luck of the Irish approaching, ask yourself: Are You feeling lucky?

With unsettling economic times yet still present for many, luck and good fortune hardly seem as though they are functioning, and in some cases, just don’t seem to exist…at least, to the degree that many are “hoping” for, or used to.

However – and, I love this! – And it’s so very true: “LUCK”  stands for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge!  Or stated another way: opportunity meets preparation!

Luck is Preparation and Opportunity

If you believe in Luck, understand that you control preparation. Whatever it is that you want to do, being prepared for that opportunity puts you in a position to be considered lucky.

The first step in Preparation is Believing in YOU

Once you believe that you can and will achieve your goal, you have begun preparing for that opportunity. The second step in preparation is acquiring knowledge for what it is that you want to achieve; understanding what you will need to know and to do. The third step in preparation is physically doing whatever it is; practice.

Opportunities are always around us

Opportunities are choices or decisions. The difference between being lucky or unlucky is how prepared you are for YOUR opportunity. If YOU are prepared, YOU will RECOGNIZE when YOUR opportunity comes. It sounds simple because it is. Athletes prepare all their lives to get the opportunity to play for a championship. The difference will always come down to how prepared they are. It starts with believing in themselves and their teammates (if a team sport).  It continues with the next two steps. Achieving your goals is no different. You will get the opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do. The difference will be if you are prepared. Sometimes just having the right mindset (believing in you) is enough to recognize the opportunity and capitalize on it.

Lucky Breaks?

Luck may or may not be a random thing: Some people are just plain luckier than others… period. However, for all of us, we can increase the amount of luck in our lives.

Five Mental Approaches To Bring More Luck:

1. If you want to be more lucky, you have to believe that there is such a thing as luck, especially good luck.
2. You must want to be lucky, if you want to experience more luck.
3. To be more lucky, appreciate that the good things in your life are the result of luck and blessings.
4. Employ the language of luck. Make your words work for you more. There are many words for luck. So think more in terms of auspicious happenings, serendipity, propitious situations, and good fortune. Say the word fortunately more.
5. You should bless for more luck, so that you get into the lucky vein more often. Lucky chances, lucky opportunities, lucky breaks, lucky avoidances and lucky escapes are all different sides of being lucky.

On the Spice Of Luck

Luck makes life more scintillating, interesting, and it is certainly a Blessing. Thus, I’d like to share with you this Blessing! A Blessing for YOU, and a Blessing for Others!


B: Believe that YOU are a lucky person, because YOU are lucky. Bless all the good luck YOU have in YOUR Life. Believe YOU will always be lucky and that the luckiest outcome will take place.

L: Look back at YOUR whole Life, and consider the luck YOU have experienced. Learn to always say THANK YOU for all the good times because these are the periods when YOU are experiencing luck.

E: Expectations play an instrumental role in YOUR Life. Expecting good things generates positive luck and lucky circumstances for YOUR enjoyment and to take advantage of. Expecting to succeed generates a powerful power that transforms most situations for the better.

S: Skills give YOU options and the power to overcome challenging conditions. Such skills are bound to lead on to luckier situations.

S: Set YOURSELF a lucky challenge. Sing to YOURSELF from now on: I am lucky, lucky, lucky!

Y: YOUR luck is what YOU make it. Make YOUR luck the best that it can be.

O: Opportunities are YOUR chances to realize the Blessing of good fortune. Overflowing abundance  teems in this universe of ours, so accept that abundance and make the most of it.

U: Use the luck YOU have. Use it to YOUR advantage.

In closing, I invite You to Be lucky , for it’s an easy skill to learn.

Those who think they’re unlucky should change their outlook and discover how to generate good fortune!  How, you may ask?

I think there are three easy techniques that can help to maximize good fortune:

  • Unlucky people often fail to follow their intuition when making a choice, whereas lucky people tend to respect hunches. Lucky people are interested in how they both think and feel about the various options, rather than simply looking at the rational side of the situation. I think this helps them because gut feelings act as an alarm bell – a reason to consider a decision carefully.
  • Unlucky people tend to be creatures of routine. They tend to take the same route to and from work and talk to the same types of people at parties. In contrast, many lucky people try to introduce variety into their lives. For example, one person described how he thought of a color before arriving at a party and then introduced himself to people wearing that color. This kind of behavior boosts the likelihood of chance opportunities by introducing variety.
  • Lucky people tend to see the positive side of their ill fortune. Yes, you heard me! They imagine how things could have been worse. In one interview, a lucky volunteer arrived with his leg in a plaster cast and described how he had fallen down a flight of stairs. He cheerfully explained that he felt luckier than before. As he pointed out, he could have broken his neck.

To Our Luck Together!

With Love & Blessings!


“There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire.”

-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

Rhonda M. Farrah M.A., DRWA  Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Spiritual Teacher is dedicated to the practice of Health & Wellness Empowerment, assisting individuals in developing life strategies to help them help themselves. Rhonda’s Health & Wellness Empowerment Coaching includes programs that allow us to become as healthy, fit and trim…in body, mind and spirit…as we choose to be. Rhonda advocates all Wellness…Personal, Physical, Environmental, & Financial Wellness…NOW!

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