Adventures In Chocolate

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Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Hollywood and Botox.

Let’s take a moment to observe the awesomeness of chocolate:  Chocolate is so great, the Mayans used cocoa beans as currency. Chocolate is so great, studies suggest that it is more heart-stimulating than a full-on make-out session. Dark chocolate is so great, it has more antioxidants than green tea.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not ease your V-Day efforts by harnessing the euphoric power of chocolate?

Chocolate should not simply be something that is given or received on Valentine’s Day – chocolate should be an experience. Here are a few things you could be doing with chocolate for Valentine’s Day:

Get Drunk On Chocolate

Forget the Cosmopolitans. Forget Jack and Ginger. Forget Champagne. There’s nothing better than a Chocolate Martini to tease your senses and lower your inhibitions this Valentine’s Day. The Godiva chocolate martini recipe from is a winner, and I have substituted the half-and-half for milk to ease the calorie intake.

Chocolate Melts on Your Body, Not In Your Mouth

If you want to take chocolate to the next level and aren’t afraid of getting dirty, you’re ready for chocolate body paint. It will exhilarate your senses of taste, touch, and everything in between. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day activity for you and your partner. Check out the variety of chocolate body paints by KamaSutra:

G-Rated Chocolate

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for childhood chocolate memories? Explore the innocence of chocolate this Valentine’s Day and make homemade chocolate milkshakes. Or go for one of my personal favorites: Smores. There is something so romantic and sweet about roasting marshmallows with your partner. Of course, don’t forget to feed each other.

Chocolate Swimming Pool

Ok, sorry, you’re not really going to fill a swimming pool with chocolate (but it sure sounds nice, right?!). Instead, make a pool of melted chocolate for some of your favorite chocolate-friendly snacks. Melt Baker’s semisweet chocolate on your stove using a double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler, boil water in a medium sized pan, then place a non-plastic mixing bowl on top of the pan, and melt the chocolate in the bowl. Once melted, have strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, pretzels, macaroons, or anything else ready to take a swim in the chocolate. This makes for a fun, chocolate feeding frenzy for you and your partner.

Personalize Your Chocolate

Now you can make your chocolate even sweeter by adding a personal message to the classic chocolate candy, M&M’S®. You can customize M&M’S® to have a personal message or clip-art printed on them. It’s a unique way to have chocolate say even more this Valentine’s Day. Learn more about personalizing M&M’S® at

Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the chocolate.

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