5 Fun Ways To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

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5 Fun Ways to be single on Valentine's Day by Miss Yasmine 155410541

Dozens of roses, boxes of chocolates, and reservations for two are what everyone hopes for on Valentine’s Day. However, the reality is that Cupid simply does not have enough arrows to go around. Some may have to brave the day designated for corny cards, sugar laden candies, and pretentious prix fixe menus alone – and you know what? That’s completely okay! Valentine’s Day is great if you have someone special to celebrate, but it doesn’t have to be Doom’s Day if you don’t. Try these tips for enjoying February 14th – without a Valentine.

Try Speed Dating

Instead of having one date, why not have 10? Speed dating is the perfect way to get over the V-day blues. Get dressed up and immerse yourself in a sea of new men.  Get dressed up as if you’re going to meet the man of your dreams and be open to the experience. Though the attendees are typically an extremely eclectic hodgepodge of people, meeting someone you like will be more rewarding than finding a vintage designer frock that fits! Needless to say, it’s worth a shot.

Have A F**K Cupid Party

Who ever liked that naked baby stabbing people with arrows anyway?  It’s been said that misery loves company so take this opportunity to invite all of your single friends over and have a “F**K Cupid Party.” Instead of  feeling the heartache of not having someone special, focus on those who make you feel loved and like the special person you are. A little food, a lot of drinks and good music can turn a regular night into one to remember!

Host A Movie Marathon

Just because you’re not in love doesn’t mean you can’t be a hopeless romantic. Invite your single girl friends over for an all out movie marathon. From Pretty Woman and Waiting to Exhale to The Notebook, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to watch all your favorite movies about love. Grab the popcorn, order a pizza, and eat candy until your tummy hurts. Not only will the food and friends make you laugh but the movies will remind you that love’s not too far away.

Paint The Town Red

Why not go out dressed in your best and shut the town down? In most cities there are many single person alternative events on Valentine’s Day. The dancing, music, and cocktails will lift your spirits, helping you to focus on what’s positive about life. There’s nothing worse than wallowing in self-pity, so enjoy life at every step, not just when you’re in a relationship. People are attracted to positive energy, the more you send out – the more you’ll receive in return.

Be Your Own Valentine

Chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, bubble baths, and candles- you don’t  need someone else to enjoy the small pleasures of life!  Be ‘yours’ this year and don’t feel ashamed.  Treat yourself to a spa day or a new dress, whatever your heart’s desires. Valentine’s Day is about love in all forms and the greatest love is the love that you have and give to yourself!