Breast Health Awareness: Listen To “The Girls”

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Breast Health Awareness by Kellie Kamryn 153715592

Ladies—do you listen to your breasts? Mine speak to me all the time. I know what you’re thinking: “She’s crazy if she thinks her boobs speak to her.” Well, they do. And yours talk to you too.

From a chakra stand-point, the breasts are part of the fourth chakra or heart chakra. Through the filter of this chakra, we make judgments according to its loving nature, and seek out other heart connections. As a woman, I know I “feel” a lot, so it stands to reason, since my breasts are located within this chakra, they would be affected by my emotions. Once a month, prior to my period, my breasts will ache which is a sign to me, other than of hormonal changes in my body, of emotional toxicity I need to let go of. The more they hurt, the more I need to deal with. During this time, I focus inward to see what emotional situations I need to get a handle on and let them go.

The breast area also contains lymph tissue that traps toxins for removal from the body. However, lymph tissue doesn’t clear on its own. Through proper nutrition, exercise, massage, etc., we are able to move the toxins out of the lymph and into the blood stream, where our body can properly dispose of it. If we allow these to build up, we create an environment for disease to develop. Therefore, making your health a priority is a must. Easier said than done for working moms and busy women alike, but we need to learn how to put ourselves first.
Regular breast self-exams will reveal to us what healthy breasts feel like at different times of the month, and allow us to detect any changes in our body. If you experience any soreness, or find a lump that concerns you, seek medical attention immediately. Early detection of problems is key to maintaining our physical health.

A few years ago, I found a lump in my breast. Terrified at what the doctor’s would find, I waited for the initial exam, then for the appointment with a specialist. Then I had to wait for the mammogram appointment. I understand how important mammograms are, but mine was not a pleasant experience. I barely possess size B breasts so squishing my babies into the machine, and having a nurse, friendly though she was, manipulate and squeeze them in order to get the test done was an experience I could have done without. Although, as a mother, I remembered what it was like to have every doctor and their cat examine me during labor, so this wasn’t as bad, and really—after giving birth sans medication, any pain you experience isn’t half as dreadful.

Of course, everyone tells you not to worry, but how can you not? With rates of breast cancer on the rise, and nearly every family you talk to has been impacted by this disease in some way, worry—which impacts your heart chakra and health—is difficult not to do. Thankfully, my tests revealed a benign cyst—scar tissue left behind after breastfeeding four children. Even though it will always be there, I regularly check to see if it has changed as well as perform regular breast self-exams on top of visiting my doctor for yearly physicals.

This month—remind a friend to get ‘the girls’ checked. Do something that nurtures your heart and soul as well as your physical being. By taking small steps toward the goal of overall good health for the body, mind and spirit, we can take charge of leading healthy, long lives.
Listen to your breasts. ‘The Girls’ are talking to you and they might have something important to say.