Climax In India

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Climax in India

Enlightened by the Dalai Lama, cultured by the Taj Mahal and ready to do three more seminars in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, Paula and I prepared to spend many hours in Indian airports waiting for our flights, some of which were up to four hours late. I had heard rumors that the airports were unsightly, and the bathrooms unbearable, but I was so impressed by the architecture, interior designs, cleanliness, shops, spas and services that it made it fun to get pampered (I got a foot massage while Paula got a head massage) and we shopped (we both bought shoes) while we waited in fresh stress-free lounges.

We arrived in Mumbai excited to be staying at The Four Seasons Hotel, where we knew that we would have Internet connection, which we did not have in the land of the Dalai Lama.

On our way to the hotel, we passed by the center of India’s booming “Bollywood” film studios and glamorous billboards of beautiful people were everywhere.

Then our driver wanted to show us a popular tourist spot called Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat where dirty laundry from all over Mumbai is painstakingly hand washed by the dhobis (washermen) in countless rows of concrete troughs and then hung onto washing lines. This was a culture shock and contrast to the allure of the movie industry, but made me grateful to have a washing machine and tumble dryer.

With no time to shop, we saw lots of colorful bazaars on the streets with antiques, fresh produce, silks and souvenirs from our taxicab as we weaved in out of traffic to avoid hitting auto rickshaws, cows and pedestrians. Hindus consider their Indian cows as sacred, so they are allowed to freely hold up traffic by roaming around in the middle of the road. Paula has taken photos of hundreds of cows from every angle.

Upon arrival at The Four Seasons, we were welcomed with refreshments and taken to a fabulous suite overlooking the Arabian Sea.

I had a meeting with the group leaders who wanted to make sure that my presentation was appropriate for their exclusive organization of successful entrepreneurs and their spouses.

They invested a lot of time and money into designing a beautiful stage for me with a throne fit for a queen and served an incredible array of aphrodisiac appetizers – smoked oyster “shots” in a fresh tomato sauce, dragon fruit and cucumber “spoonful’s” with a tangy vinaigrette, banana chocolate circles to die for – it was quite a lavish event.

My presentation went exceptionally well in Mumbai, as the large audience was receptive to my interactive exercises and I rewarded them with gift bags for the volunteers, which definitely served as incentives.

When it was over Paula and I were ready for a drink to celebrate, so we were chaperoned to The Aer Lounge, Mumbai’s highest rooftop bar with panoramic city and sea views and the endless ceiling of sky and stars on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons.

If we didn’t see much of Mumbai, we saw even less of Chennai. I was looking forward to seeing this part of South India with its coastal region and beaches, but my work schedule was so hectic that we had to start the moment we arrived and then flew out early the next morning. However, Paula spent her downtime in our room at the Sheraton Park Hotel sitting in the mechanical massage chair that vibrated her to a blissful state.

What we lost in Chennai, we made up for in Bangalore, after arriving at the Hotel Taj West End, a 19th century British colonial hotel nestled amidst 22 acres of lush green gardens.  We gave the final seminar in a beautifully decorated room to a fun crowd, hungry for my knowledge on how to add more romance to their love lives through NeuroLoveology. That’s where we met an extraordinary man known as RVM a self-made millionaire who has established a charitable hospital and a home for the homeless and the sick. He also built The Divine Shiv Temple and invited us for a tour on our last day in Bangalore. How could we resist that? When we got there, we were in awe of a majestic 65-foot-tall Lord Shiva statue that is the symbol of this acclaimed temple for people of all faiths. The temple has no roof so we could see the sky, the sun and the birds across Lord Shiva who sits in front of a spectacular Manasarovar, a symbolization of where He lived in Kailash (in the Himalayan Mountains).

RVM gave us a VIP tour leading us by the hand to spiritual activities, where we dropped a coin in the Manasarovar repeating the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 7 times after making a special wish. Then we tied a ‘Vigna Haran’ thread at the Ganapathi statue leaving behind our troubles and walked through the rest of his temple, inside and underneath the Shiva statue there is a path where Models of Shiva lings (Sanskrit for “symbol”) in different forms, such as Linga made of ice is maintained.

With our tour over, RVM invited us to see his office premises on the rooftop overlooking his temple and Bangalore. It was a serene paradise with birds, bunnies and puppies, harmoniously engaging with each other, until it was feeding time when all of the creatures rushed toward the food and it became an eating frenzy until it was all gone.

RVM’s office is luminous in white with glass doors surrounded by streams and ponds filled with fish. We went inside, sipped Indian tea, cuddled a baby bunny and petted cute dogs with names like Bliss and Happy, while he showed us some of his foundation products to help make people’s lives better. He gave me his books entitled, PEP (Postive Energy Power), Succsex and I Wanna Be Happy, so guess which one I’m going to read first?  With chapters on Taming Ejaculation, Converting Sex Energy and Sex: All Night Long! I can’t wait to read it from front to back and share it with you in my next blog.

I’ve loved my journey in India from the heart and capital of New Delhi to the passionate people in Punjab, to seeing one of the great wonders of the world in Agra and staying in Dharamsala to visit with His Holiness in the peaceful land of valleys and mountains, to beautiful Bollywood in Mumbai, Coastal Chennai and a mind-blowing climactic finish in Unforgettable Bangalore at The Divine Shiv Temple with RVM.

I have a feeling that this journey isn’t over yet and the final fantasy is still to come!

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