Back To School: Learn Something Sexy!

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Back To School- Learn Something Sexy by Miko Technogeisha 178361943

It’s that time of the year when we think of freshly covered text books, newly sharpened #2 pencils and brand new backpacks. Those big yellow buses are making the rounds twice a day and crossing guards are at the ready. University students are clustered in lecture halls. After several months of sleeping late, lounging around the house or running around the playground all summer; the mindset now is about filling young minds with new information. ‘Tis the season of education and it doesn’t have to be the realm of the young. All of us have much to learn, especially when it comes to sex and relationships.

Sex Education For All

You may not be aware of all the education resources you have around you. While I’m sure you’re learning quite a bit reading blogs and articles, you can actually get more detailed and hands on learning. There are online classes and call-ins where you follow curriculum via the Internet. There are in-home parties where they not only sell you some really sexy toys, they usually teach you something along the way too. There are in-store classes at your local sex shop or kink club. Classes cover a wide variety of subjects like sex toys, blowjobs, BDSM, anal sex, female ejaculation, better communication or even how to open up your relationship. Here are some tips on how to expand your knowledge.

Online Resources

There are a few online “universities” that teach sexual topics. Most online classes can be viewed at your leisure and returned to when you need a refresher. They can be as simple as sex educators adding videos to their websites and others have regular YouTube channels with short but informative sex ed video posts. Look for educators like Lacy Green, Kicisie Drew, Reid Mihalko, Lara Catone, Sunny Megatron and others. You can also find whole websites dedicated to video classes like PassionateU, Kink Academy and Loveology University. You can also attend call-in/telecalls and live webcast seminars. These are classes seen in real time and sometimes you can interact with the presenters. Webcasts will often be rebroadcast either later in the day or at any time you like. One of the best ways to find out about these types of classes is to follow sex educators like Reid Mihalko, Amy Jo Goddard Lara Catone and Charlie Glickman or do an online search for teleclasses on sexuality.

Brick And Mortar Sex Shops

Check out the calendar of your local sex positive sex shop or kink club. I can almost guarantee you will find a selection of classes. Even the most basic of chain stores has at least one. If your local store doesn’t have classes, suggest they start one! Larger multi-location stores like The Pleasure Chest, Good Vibrations and Babeland will have several classes a month. Check their website’s calendars. You can even sign up for email updates. Smaller independent shops are adding more and more classes. Check out places like Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis, Early to Bed in Chicago, The Tool Shed in Wisconsin, The Stockroom in Los Angeles, Kama Sutra Closet in Ventura, The Rubber Rose in San Diego, She Bop in Portland, Sugar in Baltimore, Oh My in Northhampton. There’s a good chance you have a store within driving distance that offers classes.

Don’t discount the local dungeon or kink club just because you think it’s not your “thing.” The term “dungeon” might seem scary to the uninitiated but it’s usually just a playspace that is anything but frightening. BDSM clubs will often open their playspaces to the public for classes. They are mostly kink oriented but you can also find relationship and sexuality classes geared towards the general public too. The fun thing about in-store/club classes is you can make a night out of it. Bring your partner, bring a friend, or just go solo. There will be other people there who are interested in learning new things, and often interested in talking about it with other like-minded people. You will also get to ask questions of the presenters afterward. So if there is something you didn’t quite understand or have a question specific to your needs, this is a great chance to pick a sex educator’s brain. Many classes will have hands on demonstrations and workshops.

In-home Parties

There are those who may not want to venture out to a sex shop or who may not have one at a convenient distance. The in-home sex toy party has become really popular and now it often is accompanied by education.  A presenter who comes with their extensive variety of sex toy options will also be able to teach you about various techniques and even safety tips. You can have kinky in-home parties with fun BDSM toys too. In-home parties means you are surround by friends, and perhaps even family, in an atmosphere that may be more comfortable for you. Ask your local in-home professional if they include instruction or education as part of their presentation. You may find yourself not only with something new to experiment with afterward, but some new tips and tricks too.

Other Resources

There are organizations that have community centers and meeting spaces where they will also offer classes. Planned Parenthood will often offer classes for teens and adults. Look for places like The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket, RI and the New York Academy of Sex Education, also local university’s sex and gender centers, local LGBT community centers and local public health organizations. Sex Educators often do independent tours. They will sometimes teach a class in a hotel conference room, book store or art space. You can check out each educator’s website or find a local sex positive groups with an events listing. These groups can be found on Facebook and Some groups like Sex Geekdom and Sex Positive have several branches in major cities. A check on might bring up various other smaller local groups. You can even find event listings on popular sex blogs.


A little online research could garner you a wealth of information. Discover a new blow job technique, find out what makes spanking so erotic, learn how to do elaborate rope tying techniques, discover how to communicate your needs better with your partner or even just find out about new sex toys you may have never seen before. School is always in session and many different classrooms await your eager attendance. This time there’s no late bell, no hall monitor and definitely no dress code.