What He Thinks And Why It Doesn’t Matter

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No matter what you do to make him happy, he’s ambivalent toward you.  What’s with that, anyway?

Here’s a scoop: What makes him tick isn’t half as important as whether your relationship is moving forward in a timely fashion.

Here’s How To Move Forward:

He thinks…you should be at his beck and call.

You need…to know you’re his primary objective, not an afterthought.

Here’s how you handle it:  Do your own thing.

Should he call when you’re walking out the door, say sweetly, “Wow, so sorry. If only you’d reached me earlier this week. As it turns out, I’m already committed for the evening. Don’t bother to say with whom, or what you’re doing. Better he should wonder, right? It will motivate him not to take you for granted.
He thinks…the ideal woman is his “yes girl,” who never complains or gives advice.

You need…to express your feelings to him, even if it’s something he’d rather not hear.

Here’s how you handle it: It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Start with a little positive reinforcement, like a compliment in how well he’s doing with some other area of his life. Then bring up your concern—without guilt, or accusations. State a workable solution, and let him take it from there.
He thinks…that it’s okay to stare at other women when in your presence.

You need…for him to show he’s only got eyes for you.

Here’s how you handle it: Teachable moments are best after a great experience together. Why? Because he’s more open to listening when he realizes how much he appreciates you. But again, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Don’t be angry, or accuse, or cry. Simply make your request: “When we’re together, don’t comment or stare at other women. I know you appreciate me, and that is the best way to show it.” He’ll get the message, loud and clear.

Use these simple techniques, and you will move forward either with him or without him. If he can’t handle your direct communication, you should keep looking anyway, or risk being held prisoner by behavior that doesn’t make you happy.