Cool Sex Toys For Hot Days

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Cool Sex Toys For Hot Days by Miko Technogeisha

The dog days of summer are upon us. Probably the last thing you’re thinking of in this heat is some hot sweaty sexiness, unless you’ve got the AC turned way up. We still have half the summer left so I thought I’d suggest some cool sex toys to get your mind off the steadily rising mercury. Here are alternatives to the basic household ice cube with some ways to “chill out” in a sexy way.

Metal Toys

Metal toys start out cool right out of the box and will stay that if not warmed before using. This makes it easy to use for sensation play toy it starts out cold. You can chill it if you feel like amping things up by running under cold water or putting the fridge for a bit. I’ll never forget the first time I came in intimate contact with a steel toy. It’s so smooth and so cold but very stimulating. Most toys come in medical grade steel but you can find aluminum, chrome, gold/silver plated, sterling silver and platinum. The gold, silver and platinum can get mighty expensive. They come in a variety of shapes; dildos, vibrators, g-spot stimulators and butt plugs. Your body will slowly warm up the metal so if you’re too sensitive to take the cold internally you can use it externally until it starts to warm. It warms up pretty quickly once it’s inside you, though. Metal is non-porous so it’s easy to sterilize and keep clean. It’s also phthalate free. You can use any lube with it but works best with silicone. You can get metal dildos made by companies like Njoy, Jimmyjane, Lelo, JT’s Stockroom and BnD Stainless and metal remote eggs by Shots.

Glass Toys

Glass has similar properties in that it starts out cold and warms to the touch. Glass dildos are also beautiful to look at. You can find them in a variety of colors and shapes, some even look like works of art. This is a good introductory toy as it often doesn’t start as cold as the metal toys, just enough to provide cool sensations. You can chill glass toys just like metal ones to add more intensity. Glass toys are made of borosilicate glass, known as Pyrex. It is non-porous so can be easily cleaned and sterilized. It is phthalate free and can be used with any lube but work best with silicone. Although glass is so smooth you may find you don’t even need lube. Borosilicate glass is very durable so it won’t shatter if you drop it but it may chip. Glass seems most popular as a dildo and can come in some amazing shapes. I’ve seen everything from twisted unicorn horn like shapes, to candy canes to octopus tentacles. I know several people who don’t mind leaving their glass toys out since many of them are quite lovely. Be aware that hand blown toys can vary in size and shape. You can also find glass vibrators and butt plugs. Crystal Delights makes glass butt plugs that attach to an animal tail so you can have a fox or a rabbit tail too. You can get glass toys from manufacturers such as Crystal Delights, Joyful Pleasures, Icicles by Pipedreams, Fucking Sculptures and more.

Ceramic Toys

Yes, ceramic as in mold and cast in a kiln type of stuff. Ceramic can be made into some really pretty sex toys. Basically they are made out of a durable ceramic or porcelain that is glazed to make it non-porous. Ceramic toys can be cooled like metal and glass for sensation play. Just like glass, they can be quite beautiful with lovely designs, textures and colors. Ceramic, like metal, is more consistent with size and shape than glass. The Shiri Zinn strap-on dildo even comes with a matching harness. These toys also come in a variety of styles but mostly dildos and a few vibrators and butt plugs. The shapes are not as varied as glass but more so than metal. They are non-porous so can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Usable with any lube but like glass you will probably will not need any. There are fewer manufacturers of ceramic toys but they’re out there. Some of them are Shiri Zinn, Goldfrau, Lovemoiselle and Coco De Mer.

Stone Toys

Even more limited but available are stone toys. I’m not talking just any old rock but high quality slightly porous polished stone like marble, onyx or agate. Because it’s not entirely non-porous it takes more care when it comes to cleaning and sterilizing. They are usable with water based and silicone lube. Cool to the touch they will also get colder with cold water or fridge time. Albeit not as intensely as the other toys. These toys tend to be simpler in shape. I’ve only seen them in dildo shapes but there are some butt plugs, kegal balls, massagers and g-spot stimulators. Among the manufactures are Laid and Luz de Riva.


A massager is a little different than just using plain ice or a specifically shaped sex toy. There are a scant few massagers out there that will heat or cool. There are the Posh Ice Kiss and Tease Massagers and the Foreplay Ice Chill, Frost, and Glacial Massagers by Cal Exotics. All are silicone massagers that you can fill with water and chill. These mushroom shaped massagers go over a bullet vibe so you can use it together or separately.  The Touché Ice Massager is an elongated egg shaped vibrator that can also be filled then chilled. This also has a removable bullet vibe. Lastly there’s the BodiSpa Le Tout Puissant (The Almighty) massager. It has a metal plate as part of the massaging head that can be heated or cooled with a click of a button. These toys all have their own quirks when it comes to cleaning and sterilizing. The Foreplay toys and the Touché are made of silicone that is easy to sterilize and clean. The Bodispa is made of ABS plastic so will be more difficult to sterilize. It will be porous so clean with a sex toy cleaner or warm water with soap and a little alcohol.

The added benefit to the chilly excitement of the above toys is that most of them are eco-friendly. The metal, glass, ceramic and stone toys are made of natural materials and some of them you can even recycle.  I will just caution you again to be careful of extreme temperatures. Cool them with cold water or a very short stint in the fridge.

Feel free to use all over the body. Build up some anticipation along with the shivers. Let these toys provide a refreshing getaway from the summer heat. All these toys can be heated as well, but we’ll save that for those cold winter nights to come.