How To Please A Woman

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How to please a woman

Pleasing a woman can be a very rewarding experience. You have the power to become the ideal partner and lover that she wants, to make her desire you and even ask you for more sex! Pleasing a woman means stimulating her mind and her body by putting her needs first. Pleasing a woman is consideration of her feelings, which involves communication and an understanding of intimacy. Emotionally pleasing a woman is key to capturing her heart.

Helping a woman around the house is a real turn-on for a woman and even doing the dishes can make her feel more appreciated. Surprising her by doing some small chores around the home, or by buying her some flowers or candles, have a bubble bath ready for her when she gets home from a busy day, cook her dinner or make her breakfast in bed occasionally are all great forms of foreplay for a woman.

If a woman is distracted, it can interfere with her arousal, so turn off your cell phone, turn the clock around so she is not distracted by the time, turn off the TV and give her your undivided attention.

Many women admit that they want to have sex, but complain that they are too tired from doing the housework, taking care of the kids or working all day, so it doesn’t exactly put them in the mood. But if you let her know how much you appreciate her and what she does for you, she’ll respond to your emotional compliments with some physical praise.

Sometimes a woman prefers to initiate lovemaking and wants her lover to be ready, willing and able. Since women needs anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to warm-up for sexual penetration, being playful during this time can help to shift her from an at-rest state to a warm, wet, inviting space for lovemaking.

Explore her body with sensual touches using your breath, hair, fingertips and use oils, lotions and powders. Incorporate physically sensual fabrics like feathers and silk. You can also use a sex toy on all of her erogenous zones to help get her into a juicy frame of mind and body.

Ladies, don’t be shy to show your partner how you like to be touched by demonstrating on your body.

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