Do Funny Girls Date More?

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When it comes to dating, is it really true that blondes have more fun? Or is it redheads, or brunettes?

Perhaps the real answer is: None of the above.

Chances are the girls who have more fun are the ones with a sense of humor.

Just suppose that you meet a guy who you think is kind of interesting, not to mention adorable. When he asks you what you do you tell him you’re a “lion tamer.” He’s taken aback, but quickly recovers and asks, “Really?” And you say, “Well there are only two people I would ever lie to, one is a cop and the other is my boyfriend. You’re not a cop, are you?”

Okay, that’s a little quirky. He’s a little puzzled. You stir your drink, look into his soft brown eyes and say, “I’m just joking, I’m actually….fill in the blank.”

Humor is our way of opening doors into the minds and hearts of others.

But if you’re an individual who has a general like for your fellow human beings, it’s always uplifting and welcoming for a guy to know that he’s just met someone who knows how to laugh, even at themselves.

Humor is the universal language that puts us all at ease. And in the dating world it can be a particularly useful tool.  Whether they admit it or not, most guys have a hard time finding the right way (if there really is such a thing) to introduce themselves to a woman they feel a level of attraction for.

In fact, the greater the attraction the more likely they are to suffer from “mouth freeze.”

A relaxed and fun response on your part sends the immediate message that you are approachable and more interested in meeting a nice guy than in biting their heads off just for the sport of it.

So how do you equip yourself to be ready with a little humor when the time is right? Start by taking a lesson from every standup comic:  Have a few great lines ready to use.

Here are some excellent—and some not so great— role models…

Kristin Wiig (Good Role Model)


It’s great when you can be cute—and funny. When you prove that you’re able to laugh at yourself, you’ll have him at “Hello.”

Melissa McCarthy (Bad Role Model)

Head butts, farting, head locks, and other attention-getting maneuvers may be more of a turn-off than a turn-on. Leave this side of you for those who already love and appreciate you. Give him a minute to catch up before you unleash your inner John Belushi.

Tina Fey (Good Role Model)

Intelligent women who can hold their own in a conversation with wit and humor will intrigue the right kind of guy: say, one who is intelligent, witty, and funny in his own right.

Sarah Silverman (Bad Role Model)

Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean you have to be goofy or salacious. If he’s a keeper, he’s going to want you to meet the parents—and the last thing he needs is to worry about what you’ll say, or who you’ll insult.

Need a little help with a funny line or two? There are dozens of humor sites out there, even ones that have lots of funny dating stories. You of course don’t need to be fully scripted but think of a starting line the same way you learned to ride a bike: it’s there to hold you up until you’re ready to pedal away on your home.

Using humor in conversation is like any other habit. First cultivate it, and it’ll be second nature to you.