Should You Kiss and Make Up?

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Spring is the season for new life. But loneliness after a recent break-up may leave you questioning whether you did the right thing by saying goodbye to him, in the hope of a new opportunity at love.

So, should you stand firm on your pledge to move on?

Most definitely, yes! In fact, don’t even think of crawling back to him until you’ve…

Put Yourself Out There, For Mr. Right To Find You

If you think he’s got X-ray vision and can spot you through the walls of your home while you sit there, waiting for the phone to ring, forget about it. Go out where you think he might show up. You don’t have to do it alone. Grab a few gal pals and go to a bar, a party, a reception, a play, or a ballgame. Remember, he won’t find you if he can’t see you.

Gone Out On At Least One Date A Week, For The Past Three Months

Just like Babe Ruth’s home run record grew by each time he went to bat, your relationship success rate increases with each date. Dating many, and often, gets rid of any feelings of desperation. It allows you to determine what you like and need in a relationship. It’s not about “settling.” It’s about finding the right person whose worthy of spending the rest of your life with you.

Said Yes, Even When You’ve Been Tempted To Say No

When some Mr. Not-So-Perfect calls, instead of coming up with an excuse to say pass, take him up on his offer to go out with him. No one, man or woman, is perfect. Seeing a guy in a setting he finds comfortable allows you to learn more about him. And if you like his humor and his laugh, all the more reason to say yes. (Many emotional benefits may follow…)

Gone Out With The Attitude Of “Let’s Have Gun” Versus “Let’s Fall In Love”

Forget whether he’s great date material. Your first step is to determine if Mr Maybe has good friend potential. As opposed to mere physical attraction, the best friendships grow and deepen, through similar likes, experiences, and trust. If your friendship can make it through the long haul, your opportunities with him are unlimited.