Read Body Language

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How many times have you wondered if a person is interested in you? Many people keep their thoughts and feeling to themselves, so it is great to have another way to “read their mind.” How can a person show his affection to another person without telling him or her? How can one know he or she is indeed attracted to another person?

Body language is your way to break the secret code for romance. A person’s body language is an obvious way of telling someone how he feels and a subtle way to share what he wants to say. Your eyes, facial expressions, and body movements do express your desire to engage in a romantic or intimate relationship with another person.

Look Deep Into My Eyes

The eyes are strong indicators of romance and attraction. They can express, flirt, and even seduce much better than words. Eye contact may not mean anything if it only happens briefly. But when it lasts longer and includes an intense look, he or she is definitely into you. Winking will also work, but it requires the right timing. Another strong signal of attraction is when someone catches your eye, looks away, then looks back at you again. On the other hand, if he or she look away and never looks back again, it is a clear sign he or she is not interested.

Read My Face

The smile is one of the greatest signs he or she likes you. It means he is truly interested, comfortable, and enjoying your company. But it is important you know how to determine a forced smile from a sincere one. Raising the eyebrows, even when done subconsciously, connotes flirting.

The Magic Of Touch

Sometimes, leaning towards another person is just not enough. In these instances, we find that closing the distance between us is much better. A light tap or stroking the arm can be a great way to send electric signals to another person. Many people pretend there is a smudge on the face or lint on the clothes just to have a reason to touch. What sorts of excuses have you used to tough that special person?

Men And Women Use Body Language In Different Ways

Compared to men, women can send signals of attraction five times stronger. They have more flirting habits than men and most of them are done intentionally. They love to preen, play with their hair, tossing the hair over the shoulder, and using their hands to play with something such as a wine glass. Most women are quite good in seducing and teasing men, especially when they use their lips – without touching him. Biting and licking their lips, putting on lipstick, and eating or drinking slowly are the usual moves of an interested woman.

Meanwhile, men usually try to appear masculine to show their prowess to the women they like, by giving them a look at their full length. They try to stand taller, square their shoulders, and sometimes hook their thumbs into the belt for that macho aura. They also unconsciously touch their ties or collar – these are indications he find you irresistible and wants to make an impression on you.

Will You Accept The Invitation?

You can determine that a person likes you if he or she gives the following signs: prolonged eye contact, raising of eyebrows, smiling back, laughing with you, leaning close, closing the distance, imitating your actions, touching, preening, and thing like that. If you get these signs, it means there is a big possibility that you could take your interaction to a higher level.

Signs Indicating “No!”

To round out your knowledge about body language, it’s important to explain the ways to determine if a person is not interested. A person is most likely not interested when he or she never glances back at you. You can also determine that person is bored or uninterested in you when his or her eyes start to wander, sigh, yawn, have passive or neutral facial expressions, and other similar actions and looks.

The signals of body language in terms of romance and attraction are easy to detect if you know how to interpret a person’s actions. Understanding the gestures and body movements of another person can definitely help you know in advance if you may have the opportunity to be intimate together or be rejected.

Nikki Leigh – Love and Relationship Coach