5 Tips To Clear Clutter From Your Life Once & For All!

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Can’t walk into your office, or your bedroom, or your living room, without wishing you were somewhere else?  Bad form. Should never be that way. After all, your home (or home office) is your castle.  That said, if you’ve made it a dungeon…

Well, sorry.  You’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

These tips will have you home (clutter) free in no time:

1. Quit Procrastinating

The reason this is the very first rule? That’s simple. Because cleaning out our clutter is the very last thing we ever want to do. We see it as a waste of time. Well, guess what? It isn’t. In fact, it’s a time saver! The couple of hours it takes you to clear the clutter are well spent. Just knowing where everything is, and that it is readily within reach, saves you precious minutes of every day. And you’ll feel great afterward, for a job well done. (Not to mention the muscles you’ll rediscover, for all the bending and lifting.)

2. Think It Through

There’s a place for everything in your life. (Men too? Well, that’s another article…)

Start by knowing your space! Draw a diagram of your rooms, including all storage areas. Count your closets and your cupboards. Measure them: width, length, depth.

Next, create a list of what should go where. With a well-thought-out battle plan, you’ll win the war on clutter.

3. Toss It!

If you don’t use it, you never will, so toss it. If you haven’t worn it in over two years, toss it. If it’s something you inherited but don’t really like, toss it. If it’s dated, toss it. Do you see a pattern here?  After your first major toss, you’re psyche won’t be tied to guilt. All of life should be this way.

4. When In Doubt, Toss It Too

Sometimes we hold onto things just because we feel we “should have this.” Wrong. Yes, there’s a place for items of sentimental value: a special drawer, and showcase shelf, whatever works for you. But sticking something in a closet for the next decade of your life isn’t doing it, or you, good. The difference between “clutter” and “a hoard” is a very small space: yours!

5. Create More Storage Spaces Within Storage Places

By cleaning out drawers, and stacking things neatly closets and shelves, you discover precious cubic inches: space for things you really use and need. Plastic or cloth bins, or baskets are a ideal to hold a collection of small items that should be found together (as opposed to anything that has you thinking, “What the heck is this doing here?”)

6. Have A Party

Invite all the folks you were once afraid to invite over, because you thought they’d run out of the place, screaming. Go on, show off your “new” digs. It probably looks better than their own places, and may inspire them to ditch their clutter, too.  (Multiple home garage sale, anyone?)

Josie Brown, is co-author of THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO FINDING MR. RIGHT. She is also the author of THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK novel series, and the TOTLANDIA series. Her latest book, THE CANDIDATE, is a political thriller.