Empowerment Through Giving Thanks

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“Gratefulness is heaven itself.” William Blake

An “Attitude of Gratitude” is recommended by all the teachers of the Law of Attraction. But why is it so important?

First and foremost, gratitude can put you in the vibration of your desires fulfilled. Gratitude brings completion to cycles, for when you are grateful ‘in advance,’ you are feeling and responding to the completed manifestation cycle at a level of knowing.  In other words, you are energetically in the fulfillment of your desired manifestations. The subconscious mind makes no distinction between what is ‘actual’ and what is imagined—its conviction comes from your emotional energy, based on intensity and frequency of those emotional states. With an attitude of gratitude, you repeatedly energize the emotional states of your manifested desires, and your subconscious mind will get working on matching your outer reality with your inner state of being. If you are trying to magnetize abundance, for example, then being grateful for all your abundant blessings puts you in the fulfillment energies of abundance, which is the perfect attractor energy for increased abundance.

But gratitude works in many varied ways. For example, being grateful for what is, including all your areas of lack or dysfunction, empowers you as an ‘attractor force’ further. But how can you be grateful for your lack and dysfunction? And won’t that attract more lack or dysfunction? No it won’t—not if you’re grateful for what the lack is revealing to you. If you can feel grateful for the lack because it helps you to appreciate the sense of abundance, which is what you desire more of, then you’ve managed to be grateful for the full spectrum of experience. Without the lack, you likely would not be able to consciously appreciate and therefore choose abundance. From that state of acceptance, your choice for abundance will be met with far greater ease than it would if you were still energetically resisting lack. What we resist persists. What we resist, we create an internal polarity to, which fixes it in place. So gratitude for all experience is a very powerful means to dissolve the inner polarity and allow free movement, by choice, on the full spectrum of experience. Of this I am certain!

When you can be grateful for the things you don’t like, you speed up the ‘lesson learning’ and hence, more quickly do away with need for those things in your life. You cannot leave a situation permanently unless you appreciate the gifts it brings you, and all situations bring a gift, no matter how terrible the situation may appear to be. Really!  In the case of lack, the gift may be the conscious appreciation of abundance and ease, which is necessary for sustaining it in life.

Without you, your consciousness, your life would not be. All the interactions with others and what is created out of that simply would not exist. Life arises out of you, through you, and for you. It is entirely dependent upon your consciousness. It shapes and moulds itself around you in a perfect fit, like a glove over a hand. The animated, gloved hand is you in life. The glove shifts as you shift. Take your hand out, and the glove collapses and is no longer animated.

Imagine you are an invisible hand—invisible at the level of matter. The glove is there to allow you to see yourself and others, in order to enable experience. As fine-substance consciousness (invisible hand) in an ocean of consciousness, you cannot experience yourself apart from the ocean, and so you cannot encompass larger portions of the ocean, as you have no means of distinguishing anything consciously. The glove is there to enable distinction, contrast, and ultimately the experience of self and the possibility of encompassing larger portions of the ocean substance. The loving embrace of the universe is your life.

The universe, upholding evolution by its love-imbued laws, hugs you tightly in a glove of life, which is love in action. Where you feel the pressure are the ‘places’ that need attention. The pain you feel, is you shrinking away from life’s embrace. This pain alerts you to where you have forgotten who you are and are resisting remembering.

Life hugs you tightly, always. You are moving consciousness—both awareness and life. You’re all of it, albeit, at different levels of consciousness. The spiritual you wishes you to remember who you are, the ‘small you’ is the vehicle through which that remembering process is focused. Resistance is what causes pain and delays learning. When you can be grateful for all experience, you release resistance and begin to yield and surrender to the process. The process (life) can then change from pain, to being benign, and then soon becoming a wondrous adventure.

When you are grateful for unwanted conditions that appear in life, you accept them with the faith that somehow they are for your highest good. Acceptance is a prerequisite to change. But also importantly, by your faith that the condition is somehow for your highest good, you become a commanding presence to ensure an outcome that is preferred (you choose either lessons or blessings) —and that outcome of blessing will occur far more quickly than if you resist and are embittered or dissatisfied with the condition.

So be grateful for it all—the tight hug is for your highest good, and the pain is there so long as you resist. Engaging gratitude releases the resistance and enables you to move forward with the necessary learning, bringing completion and releasing the need for life to move in on you in that manner.

I invite you to reflect on the power of gratitude throughout this Thanksgiving Season – and well beyond – for you will certainly understand the importance of nurturing a habit of gratitude. Not only does it align you to attract your resources and dissolve all the blocks to receiving them, but it also restores your wholeness so that you operate from greater personal power. Gratitude is the keystone of manifestation. Bring us closer to the source so that we can easily imprint our desires on the ‘formless substance’ of life, and it begets faith, which keeps you in a vibrational match to your desires. What you do towards increasing a grateful mind will have the largest repercussions for you in manifesting your dreams.

To Our Health, Well-Being & Empowerment Together!


“There is a mighty Power within you. There is that Spirit of Life, Light, and Love. The more you feast on these ideas and fast from old corrosive ones, the closer you experience the Life you desire.”
-Frank Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA
The Wellness Institute International
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