10 Erotic Ways To Cool Down On Hot Summer Nights

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10 Erotic Ways To Cool Down On Hot Summer Nights by Dr. Ava Cadell

This time of year the weather can be hot and sticky, so here are 10 erotic ways to change the temperature with tricks your lover won’t soon forget.

1.    Get into a 69 Sideways Position lying down on your side, with your mouths facing each other’s genitals, but keep your undies on.  Then get an ice cube and stimulate each other at the same time over the underwear. This is a great safe sex activity.

2.    Place an ice cube between your breasts and ask your lover to put his penis on it and then squeeze them together. See if you can suck him with your hot mouth and massage him with your cool wet breasts at the same time.

3.    Put a piece of ice in your mouth just before going down on your woman and French kiss her Mons (pubic area) making it as wet as you can with your mouth, tongue and the ice cube. Her G-spot is located below the Mons area on the inside of her vagina and some women say they can feel intense pleasure by being stimulated on the outside.

4.    Get an ice cream cone with lots of separate toppings and then one person lies down naked with the ice-cream cone in their mouth while the other drops ice-cream toppings on top of the cone. Be sure to lick up all the drops you missed.

5.    Begin by making love in Scissors Position facing each other on your side with your legs wrapped around your lover and opened like scissors. Then put an ice cube in your mouth and passionately kiss as you pass the ice back and forth until it melts completely.

6.    Take an icy cold wet cloth from the freezer and gently wipe down your lover’s hot body after steamy lovemaking for an erotic cool down.

7.    Use a Popsicle as if it’s a penis and suck on it sensually, but put a condom on it before you insert it inside a woman’s vagina as the sugar can cause a yeast infection. Alternatively, you can make your own water Popsicles for penetration.

8.    Take a cool shower together and soap each other up with shower gel. Then use your bodies as a human sponge and slide from side to side, up and down until you’re both squeaky clean. Follow with oral sex on fresh fluffy towels.

9.     Blindfold your lover and tie his or her wrists (with their permission) and then leave the room to get some flavored ice creams, sherbets and sorbets. Feed one at a time to see if they can guess the flavors and reward them with kisses, but if they get it wrong, punish them with little bites.

10.    Have a water fight competition with some water guns as you chase each other around to see who can get the other wetter. Then make love.

When the climate is hot, walk around your home naked and save money on air conditioning, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and enjoy creative playful sex.