Be Ten Times Bolder

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Be Ten Times Bolder by Dr. Ava Cadell

Haven’t you ever wanted to be 10 times bolder than you really are in certain situations? Perhaps you wanted to pursue someone, but you didn’t know what to say and the person left before you had a chance to approach him or her.

What about standing up for yourself or for someone else that you care about? Wouldn’t it be nice to boldly say the things you think, to take the risks you fear, to move out of your comfort zone just for once and consider the rewards. When you don’t ask for what you want it’s because you think that you don’t deserve it and you’re not worthy of it.

The fact is that doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable will expand your horizons and result in something powerful. Think back to the first time you went out on a date and how long it took you to get ready. What about your first kiss? Did you enjoy it or were you too nervous? Being bold will help you to overcome feelings of inadequacy and build your self-esteem and boost your confidence. As a bolder person, you will be able to deal with all challenges and obstacles more effectively.

Think about a situation that you feel confident and bold in right now. It could be when you are ordering off a menu in a restaurant, shopping for shoes, working out or when you are discipling your kids. That feeling of being in control is empowering and you can project that same feeling into other parts of your life. Just imagine if you were that bold in the bedroom and asked for what you wanted with the expectation of receiving it.

Visualize how you want an experience to be from beginning to end and visualize the emotional rewards it will bring you.

For example, if you want a raise from your boss, create a clear picture of yourself requesting the raise with confidence. Then visualize your boss’s positive response to you. Finally imagine getting the raise you want and reaping the financial benefits. Now how does that make you feel? Empowered? Liberated? Appreciated? Happy? Choose the feelings that you want to experience. Conceive it, believe it and you will achieve it!

You can do the same exercise for your sex life by creating a clear picture of yourself requesting more kissing and more foreplay. Then visualize your lover’s positive response as he or she says, “I didn’t realize that’s what you wanted.” Just imagine getting your needs met with enthusiasm and how that makes you feel. Valued? Desired? Loved? Appreciated? Respected? Choose the feeling that you want to experience and tap into those emotions before you make your bold request so that you get into the mindset.

This new choice can change your life. Being bolder can be the spark that ignites your flames of passion in all that you do.

Here are 10 steps to help you become 10 times bolder:

1. Make a list of 10 situations that you would like to be bolder in.
2. Now write below each one what is stopping you from being ten times bolder?
3. List the emotions that you will feel by being 10 times bolder below each one
4. List how it feels when you don’t ask for what you want?
5. Create an affirmation that will motivate you to be 10 times bolder. For example: “I am bold and powerful now.” (Use present tense)
6. Say something bold you have never said before every day. (Make sure it’s positive)
7. Do something bold you have never done before every day. (But not dangerous)
8. Write down how you want people to talk about you after you exhibit your new 10 times bolder attitude.
9. Acknowledge and share your newfound boldness with someone close to you.
10. Enjoy the rewards of your boldness, celebrate and enjoy them. This is the new and improved you.